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My name is Alex Borja and created DirectlyFitness.com with the intent to share health hand fitness information to those who want to make the step to change their lives. I have a passion for anything exercise, rehabilitative, or science related and would like to share it with everyone who cares to learn. I currently have a Bachelors of Science degree in Exercise Science at Western Michigan University. I also hold a Health Fitness Specialist (HFS) certification through the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). I am currently working toward my Doctor of Physical Therapy degree at the University of Michigan
About this Site
This site is dedicated informing and educating visitors to better reach their fitness goals. Easy to understand fitness guides with 'How-to' instructions are given so that anyone interested in health and fitness can benefit, regardless of education on the topic. Quality health and fitness information and guidance, all in one--it’s like having your own personal trainer online. For free.

My name is Alex Borja and I built this site with the sole intention of guiding and educating the public in better health. A great deal of useful information can be found on the internet, along with a lot of bad.

Often times it can be hard to find an honest and well informative website, especially covering all fitness topics. I wanted to provide quality and current information while also covering many major fitness topics on just one site.

Most of the material on this site is written with the intent of becoming personal. I think to really benefit from a website, it needs to be written for people with that personal connection style of writing. I feel that people can benefit far greater from a personal perspective rather than being bogged down with dense and toneless information.

The Fitness store is a part of the site dedicated to providing affordable and quality products. I review several sites, pick out products I know work, and place them on this site. In this way this site serves as a central location containing deals on products from all over the web for the convenience of the visitor to save time and money.

I do encourage checking out the sites that my guide, articles, and products link through, but please don’t forget the site that brought you there! I am confident you will find your way back here for both quality of products and the wealth of information on numerous health and fitness topics.

A free newsletter is also made available to those who wish to be updated on the latest articles and other useful information before being posted to this site. I will usually send 2 or 3 new articles per month, so don’t worry about bombarding emails. There is also the option of subscribing to RSS feed as well for those who prefer to have instant access to new material the second it goes live.

While this site is relatively new I expect to get more loyal visitors by referral, not by promotion or paying advertisers to promote this site. I know that when I give quality information absolutely free, that you will recommend this site your friends. In this way, you can help give something back to this site if you have gained valuable information from its contents.

You can also help this site out through donations should you choose to do so. It's your choice to donate so I wont preach to you, but just know the buttons are here to help support this site. If you find this site helpful, and want to contribute, donation is a great way.

I wish you all the best on your health and fitness goals. I wish to gain your trust and support so I may help benefit the world in that great feeling of personal achievement. I want to personally welcome you to DIRECTLYFITNESS.COM.
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