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By:Alex Borja

This is a very common question that always comes up with supplementation use and a reasonable one as well. Supplements can vary by shape, weight, size, potency, effect, and use. There is such an enormous supplement market out there that one can often be overwhelmed. Where do I buy from? What works best? What kind should I take? Will this really work? Which company makes good products? The answer to supplemental safety is often a complex question to answer.

The answer may be YES to one person and NO to another with use of the same product. Therefore it is recommended that you ask your doctor prior to beginning any new supplement. This can be especially true if you have a known disease or dysfunction and are on prescription drugs. The effects can be blocked, amplified, or decreased through the combination of some prescriptive drugs and supplements for health and fitness. I HIGHLY urge any individual to contact their doctor if taking other drugs or a known disease is present.

These common questions must be found through research. I strongly urge people to do some research prior to supplement use. It can save you a lot of hassle, disappointment, and A LOT of money.

All too often I see people blindly purchasing health and fitness supplements without any research whatsoever and as such do not see any improvement in their goals. It is imperative that you have facts and studies done to show that the product is both beneficial and safe. On a side note I will say that many bodybuilding magazines will market supplements to an unwary reader. Do many of these products actually work? Yes. Do some of them over dramatize and mislead consumers. Yes. Therefore actual research must be sought to make an educated decision.

There is a section of this website where I recommend different supplements taken from multiple reputable companies. The point of this being that the lowest prices of all these companies can be found on one site to save you a lot of time and money. This eliminates the need to scour the internet for cheap supplement deals. While I recommend always doing research to learn about what supplements you may consider using, putting up quality products on this site assures the visitor that they are getting good products. No overly hyped products with empty promises and high price tags are sold here. If you feel like checking out some of these products you can find them here.


Are Supplements Safe?
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