Exercise Guide

Biceps Exercises:
(In order of appearance)

1. Barbell Biceps Curl
2. Dumbbell Biceps Curl
3. Hammer Curl
4. Resistance Cable Curls

1. Barbell Biceps curl:

Starting Position:

 •Hold the barbell in front of you with a closed, 
  supinated grip.

• Make sure your hands are about shoulder width 
  apart so hands touch the sides of your torso.

• Stand straight and make sure feet are shoulder 
  width apart and flex knees slightly (They  
  shouldn't be locked).

• Rest bar on the front of the thighs with elbows 
   fully extended.

Upward Movement Phase:

• Flex your elbows until the bar has reached near  
  your anterior deltoids (shoulders).

• Keep torso straight and upper arms stationary  
  the whole time.

• Elbows should be relatively locked to your sides
  with little movement.

• Don’t swing the bar with your body weight--this
  can lead to injury!

Downward Movement Phase:

• Lower the bar slowly until elbows are fully  

• Body and knees should be in same position as
  when you started.

• Stop once bar has reached near thigh where
  movement began (without resting on thigh). 
  And repeat.

• Be sure not to bounce weight off thigh to gain
2. Dumbbell Biceps Curl:

Starting Position:
• Can be seated or standing with hand
  grasping dumbbells at sides with palms
  facing your body.

• Stand up tall if standing or straighten
  back if seated throughout.

• Feet should be shoulder width apart.

• Arms should be hanging straight down
  with palms in front of you.

Upward Movement Phase:

• Begin by flexing at the elbow.

• Palms should be facing forward until elbow  
  is flexed all the way (then facing you).

• Keep wrist straight and don't allow for
  bending as this can cause injury.

• Flex elbows until you cannot move any

• Palms should now be facing your shoulder.

• Elbows should stay close to torso the whole

• Do not use momentum to swing the weight.

Downward Movement Phase:

• Slowly extend elbows while keeping them
  tucked in at your torso.

• Keep wrist and back straight.

• Keep palms facing forward.

• Movement is complete when arms are near
  where they began.

3. Biceps Hammer Curl:

Starting Position:

• Grasp two dumbbells with closed neutral grip
  (palms facing torso) hanging at sides.

• Feet should be shoulder width apart.

• Elbows should be fully extended.

• Back should be straight.

Upward Movement Phase:

• Begin by flexing one arm at the elbow while 
  keeping wrist in neutral position.

• Continue movement until dumbbell is at level with
  the front of the shoulder. (Keep elbow at side

Downward Movement Phase:

• Lower the elbow until weight is fully extended
  keeping the neutral grip throughout.

• Keep elbow at side and don't allow to flare out.

• Movement is complete when arm is back at
  starting position. Repeat with other arm.

4. Standing Resistance Cable Curls:

Starting Position:

• Cable should be placed on the lowest setting so that when standing up
  with grip in hand, tension can be felt when trying to flex upward.

• Feet shoulder width apart.

• Grasp bar or rope with palms facing in front of you.

• Elbows should be tucked in at sides throughout.

• Stand up tall throughout and keep knees slightly bent.

Upward Movement Phase:

• Keep your elbows locked to your sides, curl upward until palms are facing
  your shoulder.

• Be sure not to swing the weight.

• Maintain a slight bend in the knees and straight back throughout.

Downward Movement Phase:

• Slowly lower weight until in the starting position.

• Keep elbows tucked in.

• Keep knees slightly bent and back straight.

*Note: There are many different bars and ropes that you can use with resistance cable exercises. The principles above should hold true no matter which grip device is used.


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