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The BMI is determined with the formula body weight in kilogramm divided by height to square. To make it easy for visitor of your homepage to calculate the Body Mass Index (BMI), use the BMI Widget by BMI-Club . Please take also a look at Body Mass Index Meaning.
Thank you for using the BMI calculator of BMI-Club.
      MI or "Body Mass Index" is a good way to estimate your
      overall health and is an estimate of your current body fat based on your height and weight. It is a popular tool used all over the world.

This useful tool will help you determine where you lie in comparison to the "norm" values. Simply move the gadgets around to match your information: height, weight, and age.

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What do my results mean?

Here are a few tables of the official norm values from the World Health Organization.

Based on your height and weight:

Normal weight:          19–24,9
Over weight:              25–29,9
Obesity I:                    30–34,9
II:                  35–39,9
Obesity III:                       ≥ 40

Based on your age you should be in this range:

  Age                              BMI

19–24                          19–24
25–34                          20–25
35–44                          21–26
45–54                          22–27
55–64                          23–28
  >65                            24–29

Ok, I know my BMI. Now what?

Use your value to drive inspiration to lose weight. Losing weight will ultimately lower your BMI and serves as a great progress checker throughout your fitness plan. Try one of the great workout routines located in the Training Guide to lose weight and lower your BMI.

Use BMI as a estimator, not as factual information

Does your BMI seem off to you? While this tool is powerful estimate for the average person, it will often over estimate for those who have a lot of muscle.

This is because muscle weighs more than fat so the more muscle on your body, the heavier you are. But we all know muscle is healthy and fat is not. So you want the most muscle on your body with the least fat and BMI does not do a good job in reading this fact.

So take your reading to heart if you know you could improve your fitness life. Don't look down on yourself, simply start a new diet and workout plan today. This site has tons of useful information to get you there including workout routines, diet information, motivation, and exercise information. Create a workout plan and drop that BMI!

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