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Easy to use calorie counter for common activities performed.
Find out how many calories you can burn with each activity you perform. Burn calories more efficiently next workout!

Simply enter your weight in kilograms and time you plan
on spending performing the activity below. Results on
calories burned in this time period will be shown for the variety of popular activities on the application:

To Begin, calculate pounds (lb) to kilograms (kg):Your weight in LBS/ 2.2 = Your weight in KG. Use the calculator to the below to calculate your weight in Kg. Then use that kg value to use in the activity calculator. The second activity counter only requires ponds (lbs) to be used.

Step 2: Enter Weight and Time to see your Results!
Step 1: Calculate your Body Weight in KG from LBS

Step 3: Try it out with this similar app to see how they compare!

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