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 Daily Needed Calories Calculator                   

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     his calculator will help you learn how many calories you 
     need in a 24 hour period. Enter your weight in pounds   
     (lb) or kilograms (kg) to get the results.

Use this number accordingly to your exercise and diet routine. This number takes into account your body weight and calculates how much calories on average you need to sustain your weight at rest.

This calculator does not take into account the amount of exercise you get every day. For example:

Step 1: Enter your body weight in pounds or kilograms.
Say you put in your weight and got a value of 2,400 calories needed a day (a bigger man most likely).

This is your calories needed just sitting on the couch all day. Say you workout everyday and burn 300 calories on average.

Now add 300 calories to that 2,400 value and that's what you need to maintain your weight.

Lose or Gain Weight

Now lets assume you don't like your current body weight. If you want to add weight add 100-300 calories to this amount and eat that everyday.

Stick to your plan and you are sure to maintain, gain, or lose weight.
Step 2: Add or Subtract calories to gain or lose weight.