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Nutrition Guide

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The Glycemic Impact Diet


A. About the Diet
B. Cost
C. Pros and Cons
D. Conclusion
E. How to Start / Helpful Links

A. About

This diet involves a number system in which a number
is given to a food based on the glycemic index. This index
lets you know how quickly a food is digested by your body
and the higher a number on the index scale, the faster the
food item is digested.

This higher digestion rate will cause a higher spike in insulin, a hormone in your body that stops the use of fat as a fuel for a given period of time. This inhibits your fat burning abilities after eating a meal with a high glycemic index rating which spikes your insulin levels. This diet aims to keep your insulin levels steady so your fat burning abilities are kept on while keeping your hunger satisfied.

This diet is recommended and excellent for all people will diabetes and other heart conditions, but is also a very good diet plan for anyone. It includes two phases and during the weight loss phase you can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week.

This is a healthy approach to weight loss and not like those other diets that have you eat next to nothing which will always lead to failure. You won’t be eating refined sugars and your insulin levels will be stable. When insulin is high you get an energetic feeling and when its low you feel very sluggish.

Think of the last time you ate a lot of junk food. When you eat high index foods such as potato chips, your insulin spikes and then shortly crashes thereafter. This is that intial burst of energy or good feeling you get after eating a lot of junk food and then not too long later, begin to feel very tired and sleepy.

The Glycemic Index Diet will not allow you to get this huge surge of energy and crash afterwards but rather keep your energy levels stable. Overtime this will cause your stable energy levels to become elevated and you will feel good all day.

The Diet Make-up

Each meal is made of a balance of healthy nutrients that will keep you full and not feeling sluggish. Each meal is composed of approximately 40% carbohydrates, 30 % protein, and 30% Fats.

The carbohydrates are unrefined and are complex carbohydrates such as whole grain breads and cereals. The proteins are from lean sources such as fish, chicken, and occasional beef and pork. There are also vegetarian options such as soy, tofu, and textured vegetable protein. The fats are composed of healthy fats from nuts, fatty fish, avocado, and olive oil.

B. The Cost

Per Month: $17.96

C. Pros and Cons


1. For those constantly hungry. This diet plan isn’t one of those “starve for
    weight loss diets” as the aim is to keep your body insulin level and requires
    many small meals throughout the day.

2. Diabetic friendly. Meals are available so that people who are diabetic can
    experience the same great weight loss.

3. Vegetarian friendly. This diet was made for anyone and everyone. If you
    prefer not to eat meat, this diet has vegetarian options so you can get the
    same great weight loss effect.

4. No Deprivation. No hardcore restrictions leaving you feeling weak and hungry
    as all meals contain 60% carbohydrates for energy and reduction in massive

5. Healthy weight loss rate. No extreme weight loss fad diet here. Weight loss
    is performed in a slow and controlled manner which keeps you wanting to
    stay with this diet rather than feeling the effects of extreme hunger,
    cravings, and weakness associated with other diets.


1. The Costs. Some may find that this is a low cost in comparison to most   
    online diet programs out there. Some still won’t want to pay any amount of
    money but consider the fact that you will need to spend a lot of time
    researching nutrition and diet concepts to start your own.

2. Reduction in diet education. While each meal is conveniently portioned and
    made for you, this comes at a cost. You won’t learn proper portioning or
    meal choices through this program but rather given what you need to eat.

3. No in-person meetings. This is a completely online diet program and some
    people will find it easier to follow the plan by meeting people in person
    rather than in online community forums.


This is a great diet plan for diabetics, vegetarians, and anyone else willing to lose weight the proper and healthy way rather than rely on “get skinny quick” schemes that will never work.

This is a convient diet due to the delivery system in which you choose your foods online and they deliver the foods to your door.

E.How to Start

Here are some helpful links if you would like to learn more or start the Glycemic Impact Diet:

View food and a sample menu:




Find out how the food delivery system works:


Start the Glycemic Impact Diet:


This char shows the relation to your blood sugar and the effect of eating a high-GI food item (red) and a low-GI food item (green).
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