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Nutrition Guide

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Diet Programs:

The Zone Diet


A. About the Diet
B. Cost
C. Pros and Cons
D. Conclusion
E. How to Start / Helpful Links
F. Initial 2 Week Diet

A. About

Based on the best selling Zone books by Barry Sears, Ph.D, the zone diet encompasses all aspects of health instead of focusing only on the diet. This diet was established by Zone Labs Inc in 2002, and has become a leading innovator in the sales of nutraceutical products. This company is based off the ideas of Barry Sears and brings it to the public with cutting edge technology and research.

This diet calls for low glycemic index foods that keep your blood sugar low and steady instead creating huge blood sugar spikes as after consumption of junk food. Non-starchy carbs are also kept in smaller portions and whole grain foods are emphasized.

Some critics have said that the Zone Diet does not provide enough starchy vegetables or fruits but many have found it to work great for their lifestyle and waistlines.

The Diet Guidelines

Each meal is kept at a ratio of 40% carbohydrates, 30% protein, and 30% dietary fat. The diet is split up to five meals a day to keep the body burning fat and revving up the metabolism.

Proteins are kept low in fat with lean proteins like salmon, chicken, and egg whites. Starchy carbohydrates such as corn, sweet potatoes, peas, white potatoes, and beets are avoided. Starchy fruits such as bananas, raisins, and many dried fruits. Eight glasses of water a day are to be consumed.

The simple idea is to fill your plate with one third lean protein, two thirds a non-starchy vegetable or fruit, and a small portion or dash of a healthy fat such as avocado.

You will eat to the amount of “Zone blocks” that you are allowed based on your gender and other factors. Usually men will be allowed about 14 and women 11.

You can get started with the “Zone Fast” diet and get a whole week’s worth of food shipment. (Link there below)

How much weigh can you expect to lose?

Men will lose an average of 6-8 pounds after two weeks on this diet. Women will lose an average of 4-6 pounds during this 2 week period. The subsequent weeks will consist of an average of about 1-2 pounds a week.

B.The Cost

You can get 6 weeks of meal plans, shopping lists, recipes, and individualized counseling for:


Signing up for the “Zone Fast” diet delivery program:

Price Varies (Links to site below)

C.Pros and Cons


1. Hungry Appetite. This diet plan isn’t one of those “starve for weight loss
    diets” as there are 5 meal and snack times placed throughout the day so
    you never feel deprived of nutrients.

2. Free online support. 100% free online community and expert support to
    keep you accountable and thin (after monthly dues that is).

3. Diabetic friendly. Meals are available so that people who are diabetic can
    experience the same great weight loss.

4. Great meals. Customer feedback is available for all meals and the meals
    are constantly being updated and changed to keep dieting healthy, fun,
    and constantly new.

5. Science. This is a clinical proven diet which is backed by doctors.

6. Healthy weight loss rate. No extreme weight loss fad diet here. Weight
    loss is performed in a slow and controlled manner which keeps you
    wanting to stay with this diet rather than feeling the effects of extreme
    hunger, cravings, and weakness associated with other diets.


1. Initial 2 weeks. The first few weeks may be of a great challenge to some
    going from their normal diet to no sugar or starchy carbs.

2. Reduction in diet education. While each meal is conveniently portioned
    and made for you, this comes at a cost. You won’t learn proper portioning
    or meal choices through this program but rather given what you need to

3. Cost. A bit more expensive than most well known diet programs out there.

4. No in-person meetings. This is a completely online diet program and some
    people will find it easier to follow the plan by meeting people in person
    rather than in online community forums.


This seems to be a solid diet program for those who want to lose weight and learn portion control. There is a learning curve to this diet if you don’t go about the food delivery option (more expensive) and shop for your own food.

This diet may be too complicated for some to learn the correct portion control and survive through the calorie reduction this diet calls for. Your calorie intake will be lower than your used to and this may make it difficult for some to stick with the Zone Diet.

So if you’re willing to spend more money for food supply and delivery or become very determined to follow the diet 100%, the Zone Diet will work for you.

E.How to Start / Helpful Links

Here are a few links which will explain to you more in depth what the The Zone Program is about prior to sign-up:

Free Zone Membership:


Start the Zone Fast Diet:


Science behind the Meals:


Success Stories:


F. The Initial 2-Week Shipment (Zone Fast Program)

Week 1 Shipment


1 Bagel - White
1 Bagel - Garlic
1 Bagel - Sesame
1 Breakfast Roll - White
1 Package - Original Granola
2 Packages - Cinnamon Swirl Bread Slices (2 slices per package)


1 Sandwich Roll - White
1 Flatbread - White
1 Pizza Crust - White
1 Package - Original Granola
1 Package - Plain Bagel Chips
1 Package - White Bread Slices (2 slices per package)
1 Package - Multigrain Bread Slices (2 slices per package)


3 Packages - Fusilli
2 Packages - Orzo
1 Pizza Crust - White
1 Package - Plain Croutons


1 Package - Plain Bagel Chips
2 Packages - Chocolate Chip Cookies
1 Package - M&M® Cookies
1 Package - Milk Chocolate Chunk Cookies
1 Pretzel - Sesame
1 Package - Original Granola

Week 2 Shipment


1 Bagel - Multigrain
1 Bagel - Onion
1 Bagel - Sesame
1 Breakfast Roll - Multigrain
1 Package - Original Granola
1 Package - Peanut Butter Granola
1 Package - Cinnamon Swirl Bread Slices (2 slices per package)


1 Sandwich Roll - Multigrain
1 Flatbread - Multigrain
1 Bagel - Garlic
1 Package - Herbed Croutons
2 Packages - White Bread Slices (2 slices per package)
1 Package - Multigrain Bread Slices (2 slices per package)


2 Packages - Fusilli
3 Packages - Orzo
1 Pizza Crust - White
1 Pizza Crust - Multigrain


1 Package - Plain Bagel Chips
1 Package - Cinnamon Toast Bagel Chips
1 Package - Coconut Chocolate Cookies
1 Package - Heath Bar Cookies
1 Package - Peanut Butter Cookies
1 Package - Milk Chocolate Chunk Cookies
1 Pretzel - Sesame

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