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Nutrition Guide

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The MediFast Diet


A.About the Diet
C.Pros and Cons
E.How to Start / Helpful Links
F.Diet Example

A. About

The Medifast Diet has been around for since 1980 and is backed by more than 20,000 doctors. This delivery based meal plan is like having your own personal chef, nutritionist, and shopper so you don’t have to spend time shopping and researching.

You can expect to lose about 20 pounds on average after the first month on the Medifast diet plan. It meal replacement plan is similar to that of slim fast and is focused on a high protein diet.

The diet consist of soups, shakes, bars, puddings and more with over 70 meal choices that will keep your diet interesting and fun. It is diabetic and vegetarian friendly and safe for both men and women.

The Diet Plan

You will get 5 prepared meals one “lean and green meal” and is known as the Medifast 5 & 1 plan. The lean and green meal will consist of one lean protein (of fish, chicken, turnkey, etc.) and a choice of side item such as cooked or raw vegetables. You will be eating at least 3 servings of vegetables with this meal.

This program encourages you to eat once every 3 hours to avoid hunger and triggering cravings and drink plenty of water as well. In the beginning of the diet you will remove high carbohydrate vegetables such as corn and carrots to help your weight loss goals. These will be slowly reintroduced into your diet as you progress through the diet plan and stay in your deit once you reach the maintenance phase.

B.The Cost

Per Month (Includes all food): $155 and up

C.Pros and Cons


1. For those constantly hungry. This diet plan isn’t one of those “starve for
    weight loss diets” as there are 5 meal and snack times placed throughout
    the day so you never feel deprived of nutrients.

2. Free online support. 100% free online community and expert support to
    keep you accountable and thin (after monthly dues that is).

3. Diabetic friendly. Meals are available so that people who are diabetic can
    experience the same great weight loss.

4. Extreme Convenience. This program is designed with the busy customer in
    mind as this program requires no planning, counting of calories, or stress.
    Everything is delivered to you and made.

5. Supports Exercise. Much expert advice on all aspects of health and fitness
    are give into all members included in the membership fee.

6. Clinically proven. This program has been clinically proven by many doctors
     to give weight loss rates of 2-5 lbs per week depending on the individual
     and starting body weight.


1. The Costs. While you probably spend close to $155 a month on food from
    the grocery store anyways, this price seems to be a little on the steep side
    for some. Keep in mind this is a month’s worth of food so it isn’t an
    unreasonable price.

2. A low calorie diet. This transition into a low calorie diet may be quite a
    challenge to some to get used to especially with the carb reductions.

3. Reduction in diet education. While each meal is conveniently portioned and
    made for you, this comes at a cost. You won’t learn proper portioning or
    meal choices through this program but rather given what you need to eat.

4. No in-person meetings. This is a completely online diet program and some
    people will find it easier to follow the plan by meeting people in person
    rather than in online community forums.


It seems that Medifast is one of the first of the big name weight loss programs out there and shares a common theme with many of the proven diet plans out there. The idea of restricting bad carbohydrates early on and reintroducing them later is not a new concept but seems to work effectively at weight loss.

Many can benefit from this program especially if they don’t have enough time to research all about dieting and spend hours shopping for food. This program involves you picking what you want online and sending it directly to your house.

For those who want to learn how to diet this program may not be for you. Although you will be eating healthy with the Medifast diet, you will never truly learn what to eat, but be told what to eat. Therefore if you don’t want to stick wit h this diet long term, it is recommended you look for a diet which doesn’t cost money or research dieting yourself.

You can find many other great dieting programs and plans as well as nutrition information here on this site as well.

E.How to Start

Here are a few links which will explain to you more in depth what the Medifast Program is about prior to sign-up:

Start the Medifast Diet Program, a Quick Start Guide:


Food choices and prices (per box):


More on how this program works:


Success Stories:


F.Diet Example

Here is a link to a good example of a Medifast sample diet that is just like being on the program:


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