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Nutrition Guide

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A. About the Diet
B. Cost
C. Pros and Cons
D. Conclusion
E. How to Start / Helpful Links

A. About

This diet program was first developed in 1972 and has since then become an overwhelming choice for many weight loss hopefuls. This program involves the use of pre-packaged food for delivery to your house and is a convenient weight loss solution for many.

Many have found that weight loss occurs around 1-3 pounds a week on average which is a healthy and efficient rate at weight loss unlike many other programs which make very dramatic and empty promises on weight loss.

Each meal is carefully balanced with the appropriate amount of fats, carbs, and proteins with excellent portion control to restrict your calorie intake to what you need to be healthy. There is a 60% carbohydrate, 20% protein, and 20% fat ratio of the meals.

Exercise and stress management information is also provided by the Nutrisystem program and aims to take multiple approaches at weight loss rather than just your diet. Your diet will be selected based on a number of factors such as age, height, weight, and gender.

B. The Cost

Membership: Free
Diet Plan, Monthly (Includes all food): $270 on average

C. Pros and Cons


1. For those constantly hungry. This diet plan isn’t one of those “starve for
    weight loss diets” as there are 5 meal and snack times placed throughout
    the day so you never feel deprived of nutritents.

2. Free online support. 100% free online community and expert support to keep
    you accountable and thin (after monthly dues that is).

3. Diabetic friendly. Meals are available so that people who are diabetic can
    experience the same great weight loss.

4. Great meals. Customer feedback is available for all meals and the meals are
    constantly being updated and changed to keep dieting healthy, fun, and
    constantly new.

5. Extreme Convenience. This program is designed with the busy customer in
    mind as this program requires no planning, counting of calories, or stress.
    Everything is delivered to you and made.

6. No Deprivation. No hardcore restrictions leaving you feeling weak and hungry
    as all meals contain 60% carbohydrates for energy and reduction in massive

7. Accountability. With online support, you will get to know others following
    the Nutrisystem diet and keep each other in check throughout the process.

8. Healthy weight loss rate. No extreme weight loss fad diet here. Weight loss
    is performed in a slow and controlled manner which keeps you wanting to
    stay with this diet rather than feeling the effects of extreme hunger,
    cravings, and weakness associated with other diets.


1. The Costs. While you probably spend close to $270 a month on food from
    the grocery store anyways, this price seems to be a little on the steep side
    for some. Keep in mind this is 5 meals for 30 days worth of food though.

2. Not ALL food included. Keep in mind that you will need to buy some fruits,
    vegetables, and proteins to add to the mix of the diet. This is probably to
    keep this food fresh rather than pre-packaged.

3. Reduction in diet education. While each meal is conveniently portioned and
    made for you, this comes at a cost. You won’t learn proper portioning or
    meal choices through this program but rather given what you need to eat.

4. No in-person meetings. This is a completely online diet program and some
    people will find it easier to follow the plan by meeting people in person
    rather than in online community forums.

D. Conclusion

This diet program is a very convenient way to diet for those who need to be told what exactly and how much to eat. The online support is enough for many to follow through with this diet and the appealing variety of foods and healthy balanced meals is certainly appealing.

Some may find this diet something that will never teach them how to live healthy, but show them instead. Therefore you would theoretically need to stay on the diet to maintain weight loss unless you pay close attention to portions and food types given.

The cost can be a good thing or bad thing. Some people will find that $270 a month isn’t bad for a 5 meal a day program and especially healthy food (which tends to be more expensive).

Others might groan at this price and want to instead take the proactive approach to learn about dieting and health instead and creating their own diet. This would of course require a lot of free time and dedication to learn everything.

So the choice is yours. Are you the type of person that needs set guidelines to follow in order to achieve weight loss? Do you not have a lot of time to devote to learning everything about dieting? Nutrisystem will work great for you.
Do you think you would rather educated yourself on health and nutrition instead? Go with the traditional approach and create your own diet.

E. How to Start

Here are a few links which will explain to you more in depth what the Nutrisystem Program is about prior to sign-up:

Free Sign-up (before deciding to purchase meal plans):


Take a look at the food choices:


Science behind the Meals:


Success Stories:


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