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Proper Exercise Technique:

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About the Crunches Exercise:

The abs crunch exercise has long been regarded as an important staple in any abs exercise routine. It is a beginner level exercise that is easy to learn but many still do not perform it properly.

The crunch has also been given lots of criticized as a "waste of time" but this is mostly due to the fact that this exercise is commonly performed wrong. In fact, this exercise is a great beginners abdominal strengthener and very beneficial. For those who are veterans of abdominal training , you should stick to more advanced abs exercises that will challenge you.

Below are some good instructions and tips on how to perform the abs crunch exercise properly and gain the most benefit.

Muscles Used in the Abdominal Crunch:

Works your entire "core" including: rectus abdominus, internal and external obliques (slightly), transverse abdominus, low back erectors.

This exercise will place special emphasis on the top abdominals while providing little benefit for you lower abdominals. See other core exercise for great lower abdominal development.

Starting Position:

• Begin by laying on your back over a mat or other comfortable material/floor.
• Bend knees to 90 degrees.
• Place feet flat on ground.
• Legs should be bent in straight line (no flaring out).
• Cross arms across chest.

Upward Phase:

• Begin by contracting your abdominals first before any movement occurs.
• Do this by imagining sucking your belly button to your spine.
• This will engage all abdominals including transverse.
• Keeping your head and neck tall and in line with your body, "curl" you trunk up.
• Be sure to rise until your lower back just begins to come off the ground.
• Do not recklessly thow your body up, use a slow controlled motion.

Downward Phase:

• Slowly lower your trunk back as you maintain contraction in your abs.
• Don’t allow your body to simply “crash” down to the floor.
• Go down until just before your shoulder blades touch  the floor and begin another rep.
• Upper back and shoulder blades should remain off the floor throughout.
• This will keep tension on your targeted abdominal region throughout the exercise.


• To make the exercise harder, true placing your hands behind your ears.
• Placing your hands behind your head will only tempt you to cheat by lifting your head with 
  your arms which is bad for your neck and your results.

Here is a video to assist you in learning the proper form for the Crunches Exercise:

This is how to perform the abs crunch exercise. If you would like to learn more about abdominal exercises check them out in the instructional exercise section.


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