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Proper Exercise Technique:

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About the Abdominal Leg Climb Exercise

This is a unique, fun, and engaging exercise for beginners and experts alike. It is versatile in that it can be made easy or hard with a simple adjustment. It involves the user laying on their back and (as the name implies) ‘climbing’ their leg while engaging their abdominal muscles.

Muscles Used in the Leg Climber Exericise:

All core muscles are involved including: rectus abdominus, transverse abdominus, lower back, and obliques. Also secondary muscles activated during the climbing motion are: biceps, lats, pectorals, and deltoids.

Starting Position:

• Begin by lying on your back over a mat or other comfortable surface.
• Bend hps to 90 degrees with straight legs towards the ceiling.
• Get legs as straight as possible (it’s ok if you can’t).

Upward Phase:

• Contract your abdominals prior to initiating movement.
• Reach up to your legs and grasp in a sequence to mimic “climbing” your legs.
• Continue this until you can touch your foot.
• Try to keep your leg as still as possible during this exercise.
• The tendency will be to bend at the knee. Imagine raising your heel to the ceiling to 
   prevent this.
• This phase is complete once you can touch your foot with one or both of your hands.

Downward Phase:

• “Climb” back down your leg in the same way you went up.
• Keep your abdominals contracted throughout the motion.
• Don’t let your trunk simply fall back down.
• Repeat upward motion on same leg until desired reps are completed.
• Switch legs and perform the same number of repetitions.


• This exercise can be made harder by limiting the number of grabs you perform on the   
   climbing part of the exercise.
• The less grabs you make on your leg, the harder the exercise.

Here is a video to assist you in learning the proper form for the Abs Leg Climbers Exercise:

This is how to perform the abs leg climb exercise. If you would like to learn more about abdominal exercises check them out in the instructional exercise section.


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