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Proper Exercise Technique:

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About the Abdominal Sit-Ups Exercise

The sit-up is an abdominal exercise that has been around for years and is implemented by physical education programs in grade school. Many will often perform this exercise incorrectly on to find a lack of results. This exercise involves the need for a partner or foot placement under an object to allow lower body stability during the actually sitting up motion. The sit up can also be performed without either as explained below.

Muscles Used in the Sit Ups Exericise:

All of your core muscles are used during the sit-up exercise including: rectus abdominus, transverse abdominals, lower back extensors, and even a little bit of the obliques abdominals groups. This core exercise involves more emphasis on the lower back than the standard abs crunch and has therefore been regarded as much more effective.

Starting Position:

• Begin by lying on your back over a mat or other comfortable surface.
• Have a friend placed their hands or knees on your feet.
• Your feet should not come off the ground at any time.
• Bend knees to 90 degrees.
• Placed arms crossed on your chest or place hands behind your ears.

Upward Phase:

• Contract your abdominals prior to initiating movement.
• Slowly curl up without swinging your body weight.
• Try not to lead the motion with your head and neck.
• Motion is complete once you are vertical (may or may not be touching legs).

Downward Phase:

• Slowly lower your upper body back in a downward motion.
• Do not allow your body to “crash” back down.
• Descend until your upper back is just off the mat and repeat reps.


• To make the exercise even harder try holding your arms straight overhead and during the
   upward phase, reach toward the ceiling and then toward your legs.
• To make the exercise easier cross your arms or place arms straight out in front of you as
   you sit up.
• This exercise can be done without pinning your feet down: Straighten out your legs and
   split apart slightly wider than shoulder width as you lay back. Sit-up as you normally
• Keep in mind you won’t be able to keep perfect form for this un-supported version of the
   sit-up but is still an effective exercise as long as you control the motion as much as

Here is a video to assist you in learning the proper form for the Abs Sit-Up Exercise:

This is how to perform the sit ups exercise. If you would like to learn more about abdominal exercises check them out in the instructional exercise section.


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