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     ver wonder how many calories that slice of pizza had?
     Now you can find out! This is a useful calculator for those of you who want to know exactly what your eating and can base your diet plan off of it. This tool has a huge database of any food.

To get started simply type in any food you can think of. The serving size will pop up with stats for grams and the calculators even nice enough to convert this value for you into pounds and ounces.

Below that you will see the total calories and grams from fat which can help you plan out your meals.
A good example of keeping your fat at or below 25% would be:

You type in apple and get a caloric value of "52" and a calories from fat value of "2". 52 is the total calories in this food item while the "2" represents the fat calories from the total calories value.

The calories from fat are obviously at or less than 25% of "52" so you know this is a good food choice.

If you get a not so obvious set of numbers use the calculator tool below and type in the values. Following this example it would be "2/52 = 0.038" Now remember to move the decimal over two spots and you get 3.8%.

So the apple has only 3.8% calories from fat, far below the 25% number.

Also keep in mind that not all foods follow this rule as they may have high amounts of sugar, carbs, or high concentration of the bad fats (saturated and trans).

There are plenty of things this tool can do for you. Calculate the amount of food you need in a day, design a plan for the right foods, or just look up foods for fun!

Experiment with this calculator and have fun with it!
Step 1: Enter any food and select from the drop down list.
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Step 2: Play around with the numbers with this calculator!