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Forgotten Past Goals: A First Step in Pursuance


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Forgotten past goals: A first step in pursuance
Author: Alex Borja

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Everyone has had a personal goal or two that they have always wanted to accomplish but just never quite got the timing right. Perhaps your daily life is far too hectic to ever pursue such a goal or maybe you having just blown it off for years. Did you always want to play an instrument? How about participate in a 5k run? Whatever the goal may be is irrelevant, it’s not what you did wrong necessarily that you need to focus on, but rather what you have not been doing right.

Think to yourself why you chose to make this specific goal in the first place. Was it because it had a life changing aspect to it? Maybe it does, but then again maybe not. You would be surprised to find that many people’s goals are entirely possible and attainable which makes you wonder what is preventing them from accomplishing this goal. Many times we find ourselves trying to start on new goals because our old ones have failed or we have simply given up. This is the wrong approach and can lead to let down after let down.

So should we stop pursing our current goals and go back to the old ones? Absolutely not. There is a reason we moved on from those goals and that reason must be acknowledged. Rather than drop current goals for past ones, you can do both at the same time. Although this may slow the time for development of each, it is entirely possible and beneficial. Does it make sense to drop a new goal for an old one when that’s exactly what we are reflecting on in the first place? You would be no better off dropping new goals for old ones than dropping old goals for new ones.

Achieving both goals will be possible but creativity and extreme patience must be met. Depending on your goals this may not actually be so bad. But for those who have a few big goals need to realize that these are long term goals rather than short. There is a reason that we left those old goals behind. They were long term and difficult to achieve. But you made that goal. It was yours to complete and you left it alone.

You don’t have to prove anything to anyone but yourself. You don’t need somebody to judge you because you will be your own worst critic. Some people will beat themselves up over not achieving what they once thought possible. But why do you feel this way? Is it because of age and its past you by? Do you feel like you’re not worth it? You must self reflect on this for a second and really ask yourself the question of why.

Asking why is perhaps the hardest part of the whole process. Sometimes we don’t want to accept the truth no matter what. But truth doesn’t hinder you from moving forward, but rather opens the door for possibilities. You cannot possibly reach your goal when lying to yourself. It is your goal to reach and you’re going to get there by being honest with yourself. Tell yourself why it “cannot” be done or was not done earlier. Now that you have the reason, progression can take place.

So what will you do with this new found information? Learn from it. Begin planning out how you might bring this goal into reality. We as humans love to procrastinate and put things off for days, weeks, and years. It’s time to respond and take responsibility for what we promised ourselves.

A good way to figure out overcoming the obstacles that are restraining you from your goals is to sit down with a piece of paper and make a schedule. As people in the modern world we revolve around plans, time, and schedules. So why not take this concept and use it to our advantage. Write down on your sheet or planner all off the things you plan on doing during the week including work, school, friends, kids, etc. Try moving things around to fit even a fraction of time. For most people this will be the frustrating part. They won’t have much time for anything more than a half hour at best.

This is a good first step in figuring out how to move forward with your personal goals. Even if you only have 15 minutes a day or every other day to pursue this goal, do it. This is where the patience comes in. If you cannot devote more time to your goal than you cannot expect to see change or difference overnight. This is perfectly OK and in fact commendable. For someone to have such a busy schedule and make time for these goals takes a lot of dedication, which you have and must unlock.

Realize it may take several weeks or years depending on your goal. For others an hour a day may work out just fine. Just make sure it’s written down in your schedule you so loyally abide by every day. A good strategy to implement is to bring back emotions of why you wanted to accomplish these goals.

Emotions are some of the most powerful tools we have. It drives us, shapes us, and determines who we will be. Think back to that first wild thought that popped in your head and you thought, “I can do that”. You can do that and you will do that no matter how long ago it may have seemed. Remember how you felt when it popped into your head. All those excited feelings of empowerment because you were going to do something challenging.

On a final note remember that these goals were made for a reason. It could have been partly to impress someone or to earn your place in society but there is a deeper underlying reason: YOU chose it. It was to impress yourself and to know you are significant, powerful, and can do anything you set your mind to. Now bring that back. Get thinking on why you chose to leave the goal behind. Once you have that hard part over with bring it slowly into your daily schedule and you will find your own underlying motivation start to take hold.
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