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1. Hip Abductions on Cable Machine

Starting Position:

• Set cable pulley on tower at lowest level toward floor.

• Begin by placing an ankle or foot strap into the cable pulley.

• Place the desired leg into the strap.

• Strapped leg should be farthest from the tower.

• Grip tower with the same side arm or another stable object with
  opposite side arm.

• Stand tall and straight up.

Upward Phase:

• Begin by raising the strapped leg sideways without bending at the

• Do not bend at the knees at all throughout movement (slight bend is

• Keep head and trunk straight up throughout.
• Tendency will be to bend trunk to opposite side of leg being lifted.

• Keep toe point straight throughout.

• Stable leg should also be pointed and kept forward.

• Movement is complete once you cannot raise leg sideways any higher.

Downward Phase:

• Slowly control the weight being lowered.

• Stop just shy of the starting position and repeat desired repetitions.
• Do not bend at knee.

• Keep trunk and neck upright and in line..


• If weighted leg crosses in front of other leg in the starting position
  this is ok.

• Try pointing your toe inwards slightly if you cannot feel the contraction
  on the side of your hip.

• Also try raising leg slightly backwards to engage more hip activity.

Note: You don't have to stand on the platform as seen in the video.

2. Clams

Starting Position:

• Begin by getting a band that is tight when placed around your thighs
  just above the knees.

• Thighs, knees, and lower legs should be bound together.

• Bend Knees at a 90 degree angle.

• Roll to side with upper body and head in a straight line.

Upward Position:

• Slowly bring the top knee away from the bottom knee in an upward

• Feet should not come apart, only pivoting off each other.


• If you cannot feel this is your thighs, try rolling your hips forward as
  tendency will be to.
  roll them backward to make exercise easier.

• Try using all different kinds of level of resistance bands.

• Many will find you will need a light resistance when first trying this

3. Hip Abductions with Machine

Starting Position:

• Begin by sitting in so that the adjustable arms are outside your legs.

• Place both legs together with knees bent approximately at 90 degrees.

• Adjust pads so they are firmly pressed against the outside of your

• Sit upright and tall.

• Place feet on feet platforms or cuffs.

Upward Phase:

• Slowly contract your outer thigh muscles.
• Your knees should move away from each other in an arching motion.

• Do not go through the motion too quickly or injury can occur.

• Stop and hold for a few seconds when you cannot go out further.

• Keep toes pointed in line with your knees.

Downward Phase:

• Slowly control the weight back down.

• Do not allow weight to slam back.

• Keep toes pointed in line with your knees.

• Stop just short of the starting position to keep tension on your outer

• Repeat the desired number of repetitions.

4. Side-Lying Hip Abductions

Starting Position:

• Begin by laying on your side on a mat.

• Align your body in a straight line.

• Point your toes downward on the top leg.

Upward Phase:

• Slowly raise your leg straight up from the resting position.

• Keep your toe pointed toward the ground.

• You should feel tension in the side of your hip.

• Don’t bend at the knee.

• Movement is complete when you cannot raise your leg anymore.

Downward Phase:

• Slowly lower your leg down the same way it was raised.

• Keep toe pointed downward.

• Stop just shy of touching your resting leg.

• Repeat the desired amount of repetitions on that leg.

• Roll over to the other side and repeat.


• If you cannot feel this exercise working, try tilting your leg backward
  from the straight position slightly.

• Also try to work in front of a mirror to check your body is in a straight

5. The Fire Hydrant

Starting Position:

• Begin by getting on all fours on a mat
• Hands should be flat on the mat directly under the shoulders
• Arms should not bend at all
• Hips should be bent at a 90 degree angle
• Knees should be bent at a 90 degree angle
• Back should be flat and parallel with the mat
• Toes should be pointed straight down and touching mat
• Keep neck in line with back

Upward Phase:

• Slowly raise either leg out the side
• Be sure to keep the 90 degree bend at the knee
• Upper thigh should not go forward or backward, only out
• The rest of the body is completely stationary
• Don’t bend at the trunk when lifting leg
• Stabilizing leg should not move

Downward Phase:

• Allow leg to slowly return back the starting position
• Repeat the desired amount of repetitions on that leg
• Perform exercise on other leg
• Keep knee and hip at 90 degrees of flexion


• Try adding ankle weights for an added challenge
• This is a great exercise if you have tight hips or a poor range of motion with your hips.
   Go as high as you can each rep, even if it’s only a few inches.

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Hip Abductor Exercises:
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4. Side-Lying Hip   
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