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    his calculator will help you figure out how many calories  
    you will need to lose to reach your weight loss goal.

You can essentially calculate how many days it will take to reach your goal as well assuming your workout sessions are roughly the same length and intensity.

Using the fact that 1 pound (lb) = 3,500 calories, we can find out just how long it will take you to lose the weight you want. An example is described to illustrate:
After entering this information he gets a reading of 210 calories a day. So he will burn 235 calories a day with his current plan.

Knowing that there are 3,500 calories per pound of body weight he can simply divide 3,500/235 = 14.89.

So it will take him roughly 15 days to lose a 1 pound of body weight with his current plan. Pretty cool huh?

Now he can estimate when he can lose 10 pounds by multiplying 15 by 10, so 150 days total to lose 10 pounds.

Now if he weren't satisfyed with this rate of weight loss, he would simply put in hypothetical info. Maybe instead of 30 min of exercise he could see what he would burn with 45 min of exercise a day.

Experiment with this tool and help estimate and plan for your weight loss goals! Good Luck!

Consider a man who currently weighs 210 lbs and wants to lose 10 pounds. He will want to know how long this will take. He will enter the activity type, his current weight of 210 lbs, and the time he plans on working out each day.

Step 1: Fill out application to get calories burned during 1 workout session
Step 2: Take caloric value and divide by 3,500 to get days until 1 pound is lost
Step 3: Multiply the number of days needed to lose 1 pound by desired weight loss (in lbs)
Step 4: Have fun with this tool and play around with it to calculate the perfect workout to match your weight loss needs!

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