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Fitness Shake Recipes

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Fruity Protein Shakes:

A wide assortment of protein shakes with that signature fruit taste. Want a smoothie? Don't add the protein powder. All your favorite fruits including: banana, strawberry, blueberry, peach, grape, orange, and many more!


Fuel your sweet cravings with something healthy. Enjoy this wide assortment of classic fruit smoothies.

Chocolate Protein Shakes:

A collection of protein shakes dedicated to giving your that chocolaty flavor you desire.

Vanilla Protein Shakes:

For those vanilla lover's out there these shakes are sure to please.

Creatine Shakes:

A unique shake category that involves the potent ingredient creatine! Now you can take both protein and creatine at the same time with great flavor.

High Energy Shakes:

These shakes will give you tons of energy and are best taken before a workout or whenever you are feeling drowsy and want a healthier snack.

Very Simple Shakes:

This collection of shakes are dedicated to those who don't have a lot of time to find all the ingredients necessary to make the other shakes. These simple shakes can be made with 2-3 ingredients and taste great!

Weight Gainer Shakes

Want to put on some quality muscle? Having trouble eating enough calories? Try these unique shakes that will add tons of calories to your diet without you even noticing.
Directlyfitness.com Recommended Protein for Shakes
Rated best for Quality and Taste

BSN Syntha-6 - 2.91lbs Vanilla Ice Cream BSN Syntha-6 - 2.91lbs Vanilla Ice Cream Syntha-6™ is the ultra-premium protein that tastes 'ridiculously' delicious! This multi-functional a.m. to p.m. protein powder has 6 individually complete proteins, each with different digestive rates and distinct amino acid profiles. This combination makes certain that your muscles are fed for up to 8 hours with the highest quality combination of proteins available.
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