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Top 7 Reasons we need fat
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Author: Alex Borja
Top 7 Reasons We Need Fat
Fat has many uses within our bodies which without it, we wouldn’t be alive. All too often you hear another infomercial talking bad about fat again. What they don’t realize is that fat has many powerful uses and without it those infomercials wouldn’t even be shown.

1. Fat provides us with a huge source of energy. This energy would be almost unattainable eating just protein and carbs alone. Think about it this way, for every gram of fat you eat you get 9 calories of fuel for your body. Carbohydrates and proteins only get 4 calories for every gram that is eaten. Once we expend all of our carbohydrates in our body, fat comes to the rescue as an energy source. Without it our bodies start literally eating themselves and breaking down tissues such as muscle. So fats are essential to providing us with energy to complete our everyday tasks.

2. Fat absorbs vitamins. There are essential vitamins that we need every day that would not be available if we didn’t have fat in our bodies. Vitamins A, S, E, and K are fat soluble vitamins. This means that they get absorbed in fat. Without this source of fat to absorb these vitamins we would not be here right now.

3. Fat provides flavor. Do you ever wonder why you salivate more heavily when around fried foods? This is because our bodies crave fat and need it to survive. Fats give our foods flavor and texture that would otherwise leave us with a bland and dry diet.

4. Fats keep our hunger in check. This is of course assuming you are eating the good kinds of fats and not those that will cause heart failure down the road. When we consume fats they stay in our stomachs longer and therefore give us a sensation of a full stomach. This can prevent us from needless eating which ultimately leads to weight gain. Have you ever gone on a diet consisting of low fats? If you did I bet you had the worst cravings for fatty foods ever experienced. This is your body’s way of telling you it needs more fats to operate at full capacity.

5. Fat keeps us warm. It provides us with our own personal insulation system that prevents us from freezing to death. Of course we now have heated homes so we don’t have to worry about that, but it does keep us warmer overall than our fat deficient friends.

6. Fat provides transportation in the body. Another uncommonly known feature of fat is the fact that it helps build and transport many things in the body. It helps to build hormones such as those that give you pleasurable feelings when eating food. It also helps to transport nutrients across cell membranes. Although this is on a microscopic level it is imperative as a transport unit for our survival.

7. Fats allow us to move. If you did not have fat you wouldn’t be able to move your arms or legs. Fats provide a super conducting highway across your nerve fibers in your body. Your nerve fibers are your communication lines between your body and your brain. Think of them as telephone lines. You’re trying to call your friend but there is no dial tone. You discover than your telephone wire is cut in several places. This is what happens when fats aren’t around to provide the means for communication travel. Fats provide insulation like cover on these nerve lines to facilitate nerve impulses to and from your brain. Without these communication lines we are nothing more than a thoughtless, motionless, bag of water.

These are the top 7 reasons on why we need fat. It is important to remember as well that there is a difference between good and bad fats. Getting the proper dietary fat is not important, it’s mandatory for healthy function and to our very survival.

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