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A great exercise plan for those who are just beginners and want to workout in the comfort of their own homes. All you need is yourself a a few household items to start.
This beginner level workout is perfect for those who want to lose the pounds and have a place to run. This can be outside, around the block, or in the gym. It involves short intervals at lower intensity to keep you engaged longer without getting bored.
A first step to burning the maximal amount of calories with shorter, but more intense workouts. Choose your own cardio source: running, jogging, skating, swimming, or anything that will keep you moving. Start with this beginners interval workout and progress to the advanced level workout.
beginner workouts, novice exercise routines

beginner workouts, novice exercise routines
Everyone needs lower back strength whether a beginner or advanced level workout participant. Start increasing lower back and core strength, endurance, tone, flexibility today with this all-in-one, 3 stage progression workout plan.
If you are ready to make a change and increase your abdominal attractiveness and strength, this is the workout for you. The first of a three stage ab development series, 6 Pack Abs, this beginner level workout was designed to introduce stability, strength, and endurance to your core without over doing it. Start the 6 Pack Ab series with this workout and get results.

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