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Nutrition Guide

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Diet Programs:

Atkins Diet
The Atkins Diet


A. About the Diet
B. Cost
C. Pros and Cons
D. Conclusion
E. How to Start / Helpful Links
F. Diet Example

A. About

This well known diet program is marketed as being a high fiber and low in sugar. This program states that our bodies often will burn up carbohydrates first before other energy sources such as fat and protein.

The idea is to restrict carbohydrate intake so that our bodies are forced use other sources of energy (fat) for fuel. Thus you will lose weight primarily from fat while maintaining a low carb diet.

Some skeptics say that the reasoning behind fat loss with the Atkins diet is simply due to the reduce calorie intake of meals rather than using fat as a fuel.

Atkins Program Phases:

There are 4 phases in which you will go through in sequence to reap the full benefits of the Atkins diet:

Phase 1:

This 2 week induction phase is where you will kick start your fat burning capabilities into gear. The program claims that it is possible to lose 15 lbs in this two week period as your body is “shocked” into this new diet.

Phase 2:

Start adding more and more of those foods you love as more carbohydrates are slowly added into your diet. You will still lose weight during this phase but is in a more controlled manner.

Phase 3:

As you get around 10 pounds within your weight loss goal you will add even more healthy carbs back into your diet as you come to a halt on your target body weight.

Phase 4:

You are now in the maintenance portion of the program. Now you know how to maintain your weight at this new thinner you and can even enjoy carbohydrates and all those foods you love.

B.The Cost

Per Month (food not included): $16

C.Pros and Cons


1. Allows “Forbidden foods”. As you move through the phases of the Atkins
    diet you will see that the foods you love such as steak and butter are
    reintroduced into your diet.

2. Easy to learn. Once you learn the basics of dieting and simple carb counts,
    it’s quite easy to make any meal fit the Atkins diet.

3. Find your carb level. This program recognizes that not all people need the
    same level of carbs and encourages you to find your happy medium.

4. Online Support. There are many tools, applications, and online customer
    and community support to keep yourself engaged and excited about your


1. Initial Weight Loss. While this seems great, you need to know that this is
    not all body weigh that is being dropped as it is mostly water weight due to
    the restriction of carbs for 2 weeks.

2. Hard Start. If you can manage to get past the first couple of weeks the diet
    becomes easier but many people will find that this first phase of the
    program is hard to adhere to and end up quitting the diet.

3. No in-person meetings. This is a completely online diet program and some
    people will find it easier to follow the plan by meeting people in person
    rather than in online community forums.

4. Counting Carbs. You must learn to count carbs and do this at every meal to
    ensure you are getting the most from the diet. This can be annoying and
    time consuming for some.

5. Experimentation. Obviously not all of us need the same level of carbs.
    There is not one equation we can use to come up with an exact level we
     need and therefore it requires us to “experiment” a bit while on the diet so
     we may or may not see great results at first.


The Atkins diet will work for some and not for others. This being mainly due to the fact that the first couple of carb restricting weeks can be brutal. If you are new to dieting programs and feel you would like to lose weight in a more controlled manner without the tired, sluggish feeling of carb deprivation for a couple weeks, go with another diet program.

If however you feel you can stick with this program, don’t mind counting the carbs, and are prepared to deal with the side effects of low carbohydrate intake for a couple weeks, the Atkins diet might just work for you.

E. How to Start

Here are a few links which will explain to you more in depth what the Atkins

Program is about prior to sign-up:

Start the Atkins Diet:


A good link to FAQ of the Atkins diet:


The Phases of the Atkins Diet:


Success Story:


F.Diet Example

Note: Diet example is for a smaller individual in the initial 2 week phase.


Fried egg, bacon, and cup of decaf coffee with cream.


Chicken breast with mozzarella and mixed greens tossed in olive oil.


Pan Fried Rump Steak (8 oz) served with spinach and topped with sour cream.
Snack 2 slices of ham.

The Atkins food pyramid which shows how the diet is structured.
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