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Proper Exercise Technique:

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About the Abdominal Bicycle Crunch Exercise

This is a fun dynamic exercise that will keep you moving until you fatigue. It is a slight variation to the standard oblique crunch which involves more of a continuous motion of both the upper body and lower body.

Muscles Used in the Abs Bicycle Crunch Exercise:

All core muscles are involved including: rectus abdominus, transverse abdominus, lower back, and most of all your obliques.

Starting Position:

• Begin by lying on your back over a mat or other comfortable surface.
• Bend knees to 90 degrees and your hips to 90 degrees.
• Knees should be almost touching chest and feet up in the air.
• Place hands behind your ears.

Upward Phase:

• Contract your abdominals prior to initiating movement.
• Slowly curl up without swinging your body weight.
• Simultaneously curl up forward and to a side.
• Try to touch your opposite elbow and knee together at the top of the movement.
• At the same time your other leg should be straight out away from your body.
• This is due to the “bicycle” motion you will be doing with your legs.
• Just remember that opposite elbow and knee should be touching each rep.
• Continue this bicycle motion as you twist your upper body until you fatigue.

Downward Phase:

• Slowly lower your upper body back to the starting position.
• Do not allow your body to “crash” back down.


• To make the exercise more effective try to touch the OUTSIDE of your upper arm/elbow
   to the OUTSIDE of your knee. This is a bit more range of motion you will have to contract
   over and thus more effective.
• This exercise can be measured more effectively in ‘time’ rather than reps. Pick a time
   (20 sec, 1 min, etc.) and try to go the entire time continuously without taking a break.

Here is a video to assist you in learning the proper form for the Abs Bicycle Crunch Exercise:

This is how to perform the abs bicycle crunch exercise. If you would like to learn more about abdominal exercises check them out in the instructional exercise section.

Bicycle Crunches