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Max-OT or "Maximal Overload Training" has been around the fitness world for years and has gained quite a popular following. Although this is an advanced form of training, the results are worth the experience. It is a 12 week program with three phases you will go through to build maximal muscle in the shortest amount of time.
H.I.T. training is design to focus slightly more on strength than most of the other advanced workout programs here. The idea is that the more strength you have, the more muscle you will end up building. This lower repetition workout will leave you both bigger and stronger.
FST-7 has been used for professional bodybuilders with one thing in mind--to promote massive muscle gains. Think of it as the opposite to H.IT. training as this program puts a slight emphasis on size, rather than strength. This program is well known for its killer 7 set isolated exercise tacked on the end of your workout for an intense pump!
An expansion of the beginners interval training routine, this advanced version will leave you gasping for breath--and wanting more. Designed to be the maximal cardiovascular training routine while providing muscle preserving benefits, advanced interval training is sure to get you the results you crave.
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Do you suffer from intermittent back pain or aches? Increases lower back strength is what we all need, but not many of us have. Learn to strengthen your entire core with this lower back workout designed in 3 stages to progress your results. Think of all the things you'll be able to do with a healthy, strong back...
This is the last stage in the 6 Pack Ab Series and is the most advanced stage. Further develop your abdominal and core strength, endurance, and mass with this superior ab workout attacking from all angles.
The official workout from the movie 300, this spartan inspired workout will leaving you gasping for air and results you wont believe. 300 reps, no breaks, intense full body movements. Also included is a easier modified version that can be done before attempting the real deal.

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