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An excellent way to get beach season ready with this 5-day a week fat burning workout designed to keep your metabolism going while preserving them the most muscle.
Is building muscle your primary goal? This intermediate level workout will give you the information you need to succeed in the gym. Created with an emphasis on muscle building, this workout routine will also help you burn fat effectively.
While this workout should not become "routine" in your fitness life, it is here for those days when you just can't devote much time to the gym but want to keep in great shape. This short, sweet, and intense weight lifting styled workout will allow your body to maintain what you have until more time can be devoted.
Many regard 5 X 5 training routines to be the ultimate form of training. takes this idea and creates a twist to intensify and diversify your weekly routine. Using three instead of the typical two training day variations used by other programs, this workout is sure to keep your body guessing--and growing.
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Do you suffer from intermittent back pain or aches? Want to increase your strength in everything you do? Increases in lower back strength is what we all need, but not many of us have. Learn to strengthen your entire core with this lower back workout designed in 3 stages to progress your results. Think of all the things you'll be able to do with a healthy, strong back...

The second stage in a three part abdominal development series called, "6 Pack Abs". This second level build upon the foundations of the beginner level, furthering your exercise difficulty, and decreasing body fat.

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